Sluggers | Fire OG | Disposable Vape | 1g




Live Resin, Terpene, and Distillate blend, crafted for exceptional flavor and effects. Authentic flavors inspired by the Juiced 5 Pack Sluggers, for a unique and personalized experience. Stay powered up with the convenience of rapid USB-C charging. Say goodbye to buttons – our air sensor activation ensures a seamless and effortless vaping experience. Keep your vaping experience smooth with the 3-click activation feature.

                            Fire OG Disposable

Immerse yourself in the euphoric sensations of Monko’s Sluggers Fire OG Disposable 1g vape pen. Harnessing the power of the potent Fire OG strain, this vape pen offers an unbeatable escape. Known for its robust lineage, Fire OG originates from the storied OG Kush and the SFV OG Kush strains. Renowned as one of the most potent OG strains available, Fire OG cultivates a uniquely robust experience designed for those with a high THC tolerance. With one inhale, you’ll instantly recognize the signature aroma reminiscent of Lemon Pledge, indicative of the quality cannabis extracts packed into every disposable vape pen. Besides the distinctive aroma, Sluggers Fire OG offers long-lasting effects, providing tranquility and relaxation for a prolonged duration. This pocket-size, lightweight vape pen from Monko ensures convenience without compromising potency. Take it with you on your adventures or use it in the comfort of your home.


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