Sluggers | Watermelon Zkittles | 1g Live Rosin




This 1-gram small batch, cold-cure rosin is full spectrum extracted from strain-specific fresh frozen material to express flavor profile and aroma true to its strain.                                                                                                                            While conveniently named for the cross between Zkittlez x Watermelon, it couldn’t be a better fit as this Indica dominant (70/30) strain smells and tastes like mouth-watering fruity citrus with a distinct sweet then sour tone. Providing what some users call an “unfocused euphoria” along with its massive pain relieving benefits, Watermelon Zkittlez has become a favorite for Indica and terpene profile enthusiasts alike, boasting a myrcene, limonene, and pinene blend that is sure to ease your pain and elevate your mood.


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